Monday, April 23, 2018

Journal: On (the lack of) Latin American supranationalism

"On (the lack of) Latin American supranationalism"
W. Alejandro Sanchez
Global Change, Peace and Security
 Volume 29, 2017 - Issue 2
P. 179-187
Published Online 28 February 2017

This commentary discusses the state of supranationalism in Latin America. We will enumerate the numerous regional organizations in the Western Hemisphere, and also discuss their successes and failures at regional integration. While integration has had some successes, supranationalism has yet to flourish among Latin American states and it will probably not for the immediate future. Empirical evidence suggests that, while inter-state warfare is scarce in the region, there are still too many inter-state tensions, including ongoing border disputes, as well as occasional incidents, which prevent supranationalism from taking hold. This explains the lack of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization-esque type South American bloc. Nevertheless, small-scale integration projects have been successful, like visa waivers systems, educational programs or defense-cooperation projects. Ultimately, in a changing global geopolitical system, the distrust for supranationalism remains the same in Latin America.
KEYWORDS: Latin AmericaCaribbeansupranationalismsecurityintegrationgeopolitics

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