Other Publications

"Diplomatic Crossroads: A Look at U.S.-Ecuador Relations"
W. Alejandro Sanchez
International Relations Online (American University)
December 14, 2014

"Repression and Security in Latin America"
W. Alejandro Sanchez
International Relations Online (American University)
November 1, 2014

"The Challenges of SOUTHCOM's General Kelly"
W. Alejandro Sanchez
Blog Post
June 7, 2013

La Violenta Historia de Latinoamerica en Videojuegos
W. Alejandro Sanchez
COHA Spanish Blog
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - April 3, 2013

Presidente Peruano Ollanta Humala viaja a la Antartida: Un Breve Analisis Geopolitico
W. Alejandro Sanchez
COHA Spanish Blog
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - February 21, 2013

Made in Peru: La Comida Peruana se ha vuelto Popular en EEUU
W. Alejandro Sanchez
COHA Spanish blog
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - Enero 23, 2013

1600 Penn: Nueva Comedia Americana Comienza Discutiendo Las Relaciones Entre EEUU y Latino America
W. Alejandro Sanchez
COHA Spanish Blog
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post- Enero 4, 2013

Operaciones Militares y de Paz por Ejércitos Latinoamericanos: Entre ser un Buen Samaritano y el Interés Nacional
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Research Fellow
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - January 2, 2012

The Unlikely Success: Latin America and Nuclear Weapons
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Research Fellow
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - November 16, 2011
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2011/11/unlikely-success-latin-america-and.html

The Proliferation of Small Arms in the Northern Andean Countries
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Research Fellow
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - September 19, 2011
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2011/09/proliferation-of-small-arms-in-northern.html

The Philippines and the Spratly Islands
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Research Fellow
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - September 14, 2011
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2011/09/philippines-and-spratly-islands.html

La seguridad en el internet y Latino America
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Analista de Seguridad Internacional, Consejo de Asuntos Hemisfericos
Blog post - Agosto 23, 2011
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2011/08/la-seguridad-en-el-internet-y-latino.html

Bulgaria’s Todor Zhivkov: Man, “Papa,” Dictator, Communist?
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Research Fellow
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - August 20, 2011
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2011/08/bulgarias-todor-zhivkov-man-papa.html

An Amoral Relationship:
Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov and the People’s Republic of China
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Research Fellow
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - August 19, 2011
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2011/08/amoral-relationship-uzbekistans-islam.html

Bolivia adopta un Slogan Revolucionario
by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Research Fellow
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Blog Post - March 26, 2011
Available: http://bit.ly/c4PLUh

Latin America Thought

2012 the year of land-related protests in Latin America?
Latin American Thought
January 1, 2012
Available: http://latamthought.org/2012/01/01/2012-the-year-of-land-related-protests-in-latin-america/

Carlos the Jackal: Thoughts on the Original Terrorist
Latin American Thought
November 21, 2011
Available: http://latamthought.org/2011/11/21/carlos-the-jackal-thoughts-on-the-original-terrorist/

Peru in the Eye of the Drug-Hurricane
Latin American Thought
July 7, 2010
Available: http://latamthought.org/2010/07/07/peru-in-the-eye-of-the-drug-hurricane/

The Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP): How to define it? and why should we care?
Latin American Thought
April 2, 2010
Available: http://latamthought.org/2010/04/02/the-paraguayan-people%e2%80%99s-army-epp-how-to-define-it-and-why-should-we-care/

Revisiting an Old Flame: Bolivia adopts Revolutionary Slogan
Latin American Thought
March 25, 2010
Available: http://bit.ly/chb9fu

Brazil’s nuclear initiatives: what should be done about them?
Latin American Thought
March 16, 2010
Available: http://latamthought.org/2010/03/16/brazil%e2%80%99s-nuclear-initiatives-and-what-should-be-done-about-them/

W. Alejandro Sanchez. "Country Profile: Peru." Providing for Peacekeeping Project.
October 21, 2013.

W. Alejandro Sanchez. "Latin America's Anti-Intervention Bloc." Foreign Policy in Focus. October 3, 2013.

W. Alejandro Sanchez. "Hunting Che: How A U.S. Special Forces Team Helped Capture The World's Most Famous Revolutionary." Book Review. War Studies Publications. October 3, 2013.

W. Alejandro Sanchez. "Beyond Drug Trafficking:  Toward Genuine Security in the Caribbean." Foreign Policy in Focus. August 13, 2013.
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2013/08/fpif-beyond-drug-trafficking-toward.html

W. Alejandro Sanchez. "The Clash of Civilizations and Latin America: Twenty Years Later," YaleJournal.org. April 29, 2013
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2013/05/yalejournalorg-clash-of-civilizations.html

 Contributed thoughts to: "Embracing Brazil: Transatlantic Community to Confront Global Challenges." Atlantic-Community.org. Policy Memo 44. April 23, 2013
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2013/04/atlantic-communityorg-policy-memo-44.html

W. Alejandro Sanchez. "Building Support for Brazil's Bid at the UNSC." Atlantic-Community.org. April 4, 2013.

W. Alejandro Sanchez. "La Politica Exterior, El Reto Del Nuevo Gobierno." Excelsior (Mexico). Marzo 18, 2013. Seccion: Global. Pag. 5.

W. Alex Sanchez. "The Falklands Referendum: A Hemispheric Balancing Act." (Washington, DC: Foreign Policy in Focus, January 16, 2013).
Available: http://wasanchez.blogspot.com/2013/01/fpif-falklands-referendum-hemispheric.html


W. Alejandro Sanchez. " Tiempo de pensar en America Latina." El Comercio (Peru). Internacional. P5. November 11, 2012.

W. Alex Sanchez. "Defining Mexico's Zapatista Army of National Liberation." E-International Relations. October 22, 2012.
Available: http://bit.ly/RgKgni

W. Alex Sanchez. "Peru Confronts its Violent Past." Foreign Policy in Focus. August 28, 2012.
Available: http://bit.ly/SOrBRg

W. Alex Sanchez. "Latin American Space Programs in 2012. The Space Review. August 27, 2012.
Available:  http://bit.ly/OqKAjI

W. Alex Sanchez. "UK-Latin American Relations after the Assange Scandal." International Policy Digest. August 19, 2012.
Available: http://bit.ly/ss0pUb

W. Alex Sanchez. "Cyber Arms Deals and Latin America in the Post-Stuxnet World." Forbes.com. August 3, 2012.
Available: http://bit.ly/M81SMa

W. Alex Sanchez. "Figuring out Ecuador's Foreign Policy: From Lukashenko to Assange." International Policy Digest. August 2, 2012.
Available: http://bit.ly/PELaGG

W. Alex Sanchez. "Don't Recreate Haiti's Army." (Washington DC: Foreign Policy in Focus, June 29, 2012).
Available: http://bit.ly/PELEwe

W. Alex Sanchez. "Peru’s Shining Path: Still Operational." International Policy Digest. May 4, 2012
Available : http://bit.ly/IOUcB0

W. Alex Sanchez. "Humala: Chavez clone or Washington Partner?" (Washington DC: Foreign Policy in Focus, February 6, 2012).
Available: http://bit.ly/NNoF7q

W. Alex Sanchez. "Placing CELAC in the proper Latin American Context." Journal of Foreign Relations. January 5, 2012.
Available http://t.co/A28JoUR6


W. Alex Sanchez and Lauren Paverman, "China and the End of the Monroe Doctrine" (Washington, DC: Foreign Policy In Focus, December 1, 2011)
Available http://bit.ly/udwi5H

W. Alex Sanchez, "An Easy Way to Improve U.S.-Latin American Relations" (Washington, DC: Foreign Policy In Focus, July 28, 2011)
Available: http://bit.ly/qXB41y

Rebuilding alliances (Russia and Latin America)
Foresight Project
March 31, 2009

Much Ado Oil (Venezuelan foreign and security policies)
New Internationalist
Issue 403
July, 2007

Bulgaria, bazele SUA şi geopolitica Mării Negre
Obiective de Suceava (Romania)
September 5, 2007
Reproduction in Romania of a report on Bulgaria/US and Black Sea Geopolitics report for PINR

“Not in my Backyard: Mexico’s War.” Journal of International Peace Operations. Vol. 4, No. 6. May-June 2009. Pp. 9-12

Discussion on political cadres and elite rotation in Latin America (in Russian). Guest Commentary. Published in The Russian Journal. In Russian. No. 3/17. 2009.

Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos. Congressional Record Extensions. The Honorable
Edolphus Towns. 108th Congress, 2nd Session. 150 Cong Rec E 2094. Vol. 150, No. 135. November 20, 2004.

Commentary on the situation in Nicaragua. Guest Commentary. Published in the Latin America Advisor. The Inter-American Dialogue. October 20, 2004.

Power & Interest News Report (http://www.pinr.com -no longer operational )
Shining Path’s Resurgence in Peru. Power and Interest News Report. November 19, 2007.

Venezuela continues to purchase Russian Weapons. Power and Interest News Report. October 25, 2007.

The E.P.R. Targets Mexico’s Energy Industry. Power and Interest News Report. October 2, 2007.

Bulgaria, U.S. Bases and Black Sea Geopolitics. Power and Interest News Report. August 29, 2007.

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