Journal Articles (so far!)

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"Peru Profile." Providing for Peacekeeping Project. January 2017 (Updated).

"Russia, The Near Abroad and the Moldova-Transdniestria Conflict." Book Review. The Journal of Slavic Military Studies. Vol. 28/Issue 2. 2015. P. 439-441.

"Reinvigorating Peru's role in Antarctic Geopolitics." Co-authored with Otto Tielemans Jr. The Polar Journal. Vol. 5/Issue 1. June 2015. P. 101-112

"Misiones Singularmente Complicadas: El Rol de Peru en las Operaciones de Paz de las Naciones Unidas." Perspectivas. Vol. 2. July 2014. P. 7-19.

"A Virtual Leap Forward And Real-Life Challenges: The Internet In Latin America." Humanities and Technology Review. Fall 2013. Volume 32. Pages 62-89.

"Should High-Profile Terrorists and Cartel Leaders Be Eliminated? Targeted Killings in Latin America." Active Measures. Spring 2013. Volume II. Pages 14-20.

"The Clash of Civilizations and Latin America: Twenty Years Later." Yale Journal of International Affairs. April 29, 2013.

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"Rebirth of Insurgency in Peru." Small Wars and Insurgencies. Volume 14, Issue 3.