Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Cannabis Culture: Brazilian Health Agency Certifies First Cannabis Pharmaceutical Company


"Brazilian Health Agency Certifies First Cannabis Pharmaceutical Compan"

Wilder Alejandro Sanchez

Cannabis Culture

27 April, 2021

Originally published: https://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2021/04/27/brazilian-health-agency-certifies-first-cannabis-pharmaceutical-company/

CANNABIS CULTURE – The cannabis industry in Brazil took a giant leap forward on April 7th when the country’s health regulatory agency (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária: ANVISA) gave a Good Manufacturing Practices – Pharma Grade (GMP) to the Brazilian branch of the multinational Ease Labs pharmaceutical group. 

Ease Labs becomes the first cannabis company allowed to locally produce CBD products in the major South American market, as the certificate allows Ease Labs to develop, manufacture, store,  import and export cannabis-based products in Brazil, making it a pioneer in this sector.


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Monday, April 26, 2021

Shephard Media: Argentina seeks helicopters and receives new OPV with Antarctic ops in mind


"Argentina seeks helicopters and receives new OPV with Antarctic ops in mind"

Wilder Alejandro Sanchez

Defence Notes

Shephard Media

23 April, 2021

Originally published: https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/defence-notes/premium-argentina-seeks-helicopters-and-receives-n/

A tender will open next month as the Argentine Navy seeks to buy two second-hand helicopters to enhance its Antarctic capabilities — but financial constraints remain.

The Argentine Navy is taking steps to enhance its capabilities to operate in Antarctica by procuring two second-hand Sea King helicopters. It also recently received a new offshore patrol vessel (OPV) built by French shipyard Naval Group. 

The two Sikorsky Sea King SH-3 helicopters will be delivered to the ...

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Shephard Media: PREMIUM: COVID-19 relief efforts motivate vehicle procurement in South America


"COVID-19 relief efforts motivate vehicle procurement in South America"

Wilder Alejandro Sanchez

Shephard Media

 Military Logistics

14 April, 2021

 Originally published: https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/mil-log/premium-covid-19-relief-efforts-motivate-vehicle-p/

Ecuador and Argentina have bought or will acquire new military transport vehicles, driven by the need to provide humanitarian assistance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of South American militaries in humanitarian assistance has expanded to the point that the Argentine Army has created a new transport battalion.

In this context, the Ecuadorian Naval Infantry Corps and Argentine Army are each expanding their transport vehicle fleets. Apart from security ...

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Friday, April 9, 2021

 "No U.S. President Has Ever Visited Central Asia. Biden Can Change That"

Wilder Alejandro Sanchez

9 April, 2021

World Politics Review

Originally published: https://www.worldpoliticsreview.com/articles/29559/no-u-s-president-has-ever-visited-central-asia-biden-can-change-that

As President Joe Biden’s foreign policy takes shape, one issue that still needs clarification is the role of Central Asia. Discussions in Washington about the region usually occur not on its own terms, but in the context of broader issues about Russian and Chinese influence, or security concerns around terrorism and the war in Afghanistan. However, Central Asia is important to the U.S. in its own right. For one thing, it is composed of frontier markets that can be attractive to U.S. companies, apart from the energy firms that already operate there. And some governments share the Biden administration’s interest in environmental protection. Moreover, some Central Asian countries, like Kazakhstan, have a strong interest in taking bilateral ties with the United States to a new level. The Biden administration should capitalize on this with a high-level trip to a region that has never been visited by a sitting American president.

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