Thursday, February 11, 2010

List of Published Journal Articles (so far!)

Rebirth of Insurgency in Peru. Small Wars and Insurgencies.14/3.

A Central Asian Security Paradigm: Russia and Uzbekistan. Small Wars and Insurgencies. 18/1.

Cuba and Russia: Love is Better the Second Time Around. Cuban Affairs: Quarterly Electronic Journal. 2/2. April 2007.

Corsica: France’s Petite Security Problem. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. July 2008 Vol. 31 (7).

A War of Attrition: Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers. Small Wars & Insurgencies. 19/4 (December 2008)

A Drop in the Ocean: A Discussion of Bulgaria’s NATO Membership and Black Sea Geopolitics. European Security. December 2008. (Vol.17, No. 4).

Tunisia: Trading Freedom for Stability may not Last – An International Security Perspective. Defence Studies. for 19/1 issue (March 2009).

The “Frozen” Southeast: How the Moldova-Transnistria Question has Become
a European Geo-Security Issue. Journal of Slavic Military Studies. June 2009. 22/2

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